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  • How Allyane acts on the brain to free the body

    Allying the mental imagerie and the sensory stimulation, the ALLYANE procedure allows unexpected progress in motors disorders treatment. […] The process is based in particular on low-frequency sound generator called Alphabox. [Le progrès de Lyon] December – 20th 2017- By Sylvie Montaron

  • Allyane à la soirée FFMKR

    Rhône Scientific Event

    ALLYANE impresses event participants On 7th June, at a Scientific event organized by the Rhone FFMKR Union in Lyon, the ALLYANE neuromotor reprogramming procedure made a lasting impression on the physiotherapists taking part. ALLYANE’s CEO, Gilles Chaufferin, and Paul Dorotchenko, a masseur-physiotherapist, osteopath and high- level sports coach presented their procedure at the event. First,…

  • ALLYANE Centers: a solution for patients for whom previous treatments have failed

    « Let’s say it straightaway: the results obtained at the ALLYANE Center are amazing […] » November 16, 2017 | N° 1508 | www.kineactu.com by Sophie Conrad

  • ALLYANE tackles motor disorders with a new type of therapy

    « Gilles Chaufferin has taken over the patent that was developed by doctors, physiotherapists and sports coaches, of a protocol to perfect the movements of athletes and based on neurophysiological techniques […] » Les Échos, p.28 – Novembre 16, 2017 by Léa Delpont

  • ALLYANE uses sound to facilitate rehabilitation

    «Occasionally, following a stroke, orthopedic surgery or physical trauma, traditional rehabilitation methods face obstacles and patients are left with walking difficulties or inflamed joints. Thanks to the use of low frequency sound, Allyane, a young start-up company, can solve these motor disorders […] » La Tribune de Lyon – Novembre 16/22, 2017 by David Gossart