The Alphabox® is the key technological tool in ALLYANE’s neuromotor reprogramming. It emits low-frequency sound signals in specific sequences.

The Alphabox® is a low-frequency sound generator that has been specially designed and patented by the creators of the ALLYANE procedure. It uses specific low-frequency sound sequences as well as sounds associated with different frequencies.

  • The Alphabox® emits sound signals according to specific sequences. These signals modify the patient’s state of consciousness (alpha mode), allowing them to assimilate and memorise this new motor sequence. The sounds are transmitted via stereo headphones adapted to low frequencies.
  • The Alphabox® and the ALLYANE procedure are protected by a patent issued by the INPI which has been extended in Europe (PCT) and internationally.
  • The Alphabox® has undergone strict electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing to ensure its reliability, the reproducibility of the signals and the safety of its use.

A major innovation in the ALLYANE process, the neurophysiological impact of low frequency sounds has been studied extensively to improve the effects.

The Alphabox®