ALLYANE: rediscover lost motor function through brain stimulation

ALLYANE has developed a procedure designed for patients affected by neuromotor disorders. By stimulating the brain with low-frequency sounds and a specific type of mental imagery, the procedure brings quick and long-lasting improvement to patients’ motor function. This method targets brain activity and the motor automatism of the nervous system – the complex communication network that controls and coordinates each and every part of the body.

It combines two innovative elements which are key to its effectiveness:

  • The mental imagery of the muscular and articular sensations associated with the “correct movement” (position and movement of the body, balance and motion, muscular tension, fluidity, etc.);
  • The use of an Alphabox®, a low-frequency sound generator , a key instrument in the innovation patented by ALLYANE, to stimulate the brain to memorise and assimilate these sensations.

This innovative treatment has been welcomed enthusiastically by healthcare professionals and continues to be enriched through contact with patients who are unanimous in its praise.

The same principle is even used by high-level athletes to perfect their movements.

allyane the procedure

A unique neuromotor reprogramming procedure

Simply imagining a specific movement of the body is enough to stimulate the areas of the brain that this movement activates when it is physically carried out. The ALLYANE procedure calls on this faculty of the human mind by stimulating it with a particular form of mental imagery and low-frequency sounds transmitted by an electroacoustic generator, known as the Alphabox®.

The low- frequency sounds facilitate and optimise the transfer of the subject into alpha mode (this level of brain activity is comparable to when a person closes their eyes in a relaxed position). At this frequency, the two hemispheres of the brain work in harmony. The left hemisphere is responsible for analytical and reflective thought, whereas the right hemisphere handles intuitive, creative and global perception.

ALLYANE, mental imagery and multisensory stimulation

By stimulating the brain with low-frequency sounds and through original mental imagery exercises, ALLYANE helps patients with motor function disorders to restore normal movement in a rapid and sustainable way. Thanks to this unique association of mental imagery and multisensory stimulation, the brain memorises the movement and transforms it into a motor sequence. This means that the automation sought is attained quickly, without the need for tedious, and often ineffective, repetitive exercises.

The advantages of this process include:

  • Its overall effectiveness;
  • The speed with which results are achieved (one to five sessions);
  • Its long-term stability.