What happens during a treatment session?

The motor reprogramming session takes place in a treatment room equipped with an Alphabox®, a low-frequency sound generator patented by ALLYANE. Based on an initial diagnosis, the practitioner helps the patient to restore lost automated motor functions.
Movement analysis phases are alternated with periods of listening to low-frequency sounds while the patient relaxes in a reclined position. Each session typically lasts almost two hours, depending on the case, and ends with an evaluation and debriefing between the practitioner and the patient.

The session can be broken down into sections:

  1. The practitioner (physiotherapist, osteopath, rehabilitation physician, etc.) analyses the patient’s condition and then makes or confirms the diagnosis.
  2. Patients identify their own particular sensations of movement, by making comparisons, for example, with their healthy limb.
  3. They create a mental image of the movement of the affected body part while listening to the low-frequency sounds generated by the Alphabox®.
  4. This emission of pulsed low-frequency sounds stimulates the areas of the brain involved in motor function. This is the assimilation phase, when the movement is committed to memory.

Results can be seen very quickly.
One or two sessions is often enough, but up to five may be required.