Health, our most valuable asset

ALLYANE’s founders and practitioners are committed to improving the health and well-being of the patients who trust them with their most valuable asset: their health.

Movement is life

Trauma, gait abnormality, ankle instability, spasticity, sequelae following a stroke…all of these motor disorders can have a negative impact on the quality of life of the millions of people suffering from them.
Today, too many patients are resigned to the difficulties they face due to their motor disorders and to the fact that they will only ever partially recover, often at the cost of significant time and effort.
Yet, movement is life.

Research, our best ally

Drawing on recent advances in neuroscience, ALLYANE is relies particularly on advances in mental imagery and low-frequency sounds. Every day, ALLYANE invests in new research to improve its processes and technologies, to develop new applications and advance scientific discoveries.

allyane notre mission


To strive towards restoring full motor function

Beyond the limits of traditional rehabilitation, ALLYANE can help patients gain movement, more quickly and therefore improves their everyday quality of life. Following trauma, orthopaedic surgery or a stroke, ALLYANE uses neuromotor reprogramming to target motor automatisms: gait abnormalities, capsulitis, lower back pain, sciatica, heal instability, neuropathic pain, etc.

To give every health care practitioner the opportunity to incorporate ALLYANE into their clinical practice

Experienced health professionals, physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors and researchers have pooled their skills to design this innovative and exclusive procedure for the benefit of patients. We are working hard to make ALLYANE available to a greater number of patients with the support of health professionals trained in the method.

To make daily progress with our partners and certified practitioners

We are determined to develop our method further and realise its full potential with regard to motor automatism so that patients can regain full mobility. As such, ALLYANE is leading a community of partners and certified practitioners who are working tirelessly to push the current boundaries of rehabilitation.