Because movement is life, ALLYANE is committed to helping you regain full mobility

Our mission is to use new tools to effectively treat a wide range of motor disorders to help patients, who put their trust in us, to regain mobility or to make as much progress as possible towards their recovery.

We are determined to do everything we can to provide high-quality and life-changing treatment, to refine our method, to realise its full potential and medically and scientifically evaluate our results.


ALLYANE, created by high-level professionals from the world of sport

In 2002, a team of trainers, high-level sports instructors, scientists and healthcare professionals specialising in sport created Activa Concepts which focused on, protected and then developed the first neuromotor reprogramming process using multisensory stimulation.
Paul Dorochenko, a physiotherapist, osteopath, trainer to high-level athletes and APT coach (Roger Federer, Carlos Moya, Sergi Bruguera, Marc Rosset, Guy Forget, among others), joined the team in 2005. He helped to improve the neuromotor reprogramming procedure and highlight its therapeutic potential in the medical world.

In 2014 Gilles Chaufferin, the former director of and consultant for healthcare companies, was awarded the presidency. In 2015, Activa Concepts became ALLYANE.

The first ALLYANE Centre opened in Lyon in February 2017.

allyane our mission