ALLYANE improves the quality of life of its patients’ daily lives by rapidly offering them increased movement.

” After the first session, I immediately felt the effects, it was quite impressive, I was amazed by the effects of just one session. ”

Steven F.

“After the ALLYANE session, I felt completely rejuvenated. … Before, I could only walk 20 mins, in pain. Now, I walk 1h15 to 1h30 and I don’t even notice.”

Nicole G.

“The key words are mentalization, projection and imagination to plunge right into this procedure which, for me, has been miraculous.  ”

Carine S.

« … within 3 successive sessions, I was able to move my shoulder again and the pain disappeared. »

Annick A.

“After just one session, I could once again walk downstairs easily. ”

Charlène S.

The practitioners’ insights

“I suggest the ALLYANE procedure for certain patients as this neurocognitive approach can help to spectacularly improve movement and can also reduce pain.”

Grégoire Le Blay – Head physician in the physical rehabilitation unit, Massues Medico-Surgical Rehabilitation Center (Lyon)

“ALLYANE complements traditional physiotherapy, and has a place in many areas: neurology, traumatology, rheumatology, sport… The results are truly surprising and very real. ”

Franck Archimbaud – Physiotherapist, ALLYANE certified practitioner.